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Status Update: A hotfix deployed this week has reduced the issues experienced across the fleet and the queue of backlogged backup runs continue to be processed. This queue is significantly diminishing.

Our team is continuing to monitor backup performance, and the majority of Teams backup success rates are returning to normal levels.

We will continue to communicate additional messaging starting next week from the support cases as we review progress and move to resolve those cases.

We sincerely appreciate your patience while we worked to resolve this issue.

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Update regardig M365 Teams backup failing:

The code improvement mentioned in the last update has been fully deployed across the fleet. We are seeing backup success rate improvements across the fleet. This is a fleet-wide situation, but there are many instances where backups have returned to normal. The monitoring we are doing now is targeted and intended to get all instances back to normal. We will continue to provide more updates on this.

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Update regarding M365 Teams Backup Failures:

Our team has reviewed fleet performance from over the weekend. In addition to continuous improvement that we are seeing, we are preparing to deploy another code improvement that will increase our backup success rates for customers. We are optimistic that this additional iteration will further improve the situation. This is still escalated to the highest levels of the Engineering team and we will continue to monitor for the next 24 hours before looking at any additional adjustments. Please look for another update at that time.

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Update regarding M365 teams backup:

Our Engineering team is currently evaluating fleetwide performance over the weekend and into Monday.

As mentioned previously, throttling errors have been reduced, but we are still working to increase the backup throughput.

We will provide an update 24 hours from now as we look into ways to further improve the situation.

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Opdatering fra M365 vedr. Teams backup fejl

Our Engineering team has finished the deployment of a hotfix that we believe will start reducing throttling errors, and we are actively monitoring it.

As a reminder from the last update, the queue of backups in our system that built up from the throttling errors still needs to be actioned on. This may cause backup runs to occur at a slower rate as we work through the backlog. It is expected that, although attempts may occur at a slightly lower rate, the success rate of these backup attempts will increase.

Our team is continuing to monitor backups and work on additional adjustments to improve the situation. “

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Der er i øjeblikket udfordringer med at tage backup af Teams.

Følgende besked er leveret fra Microsoft:

We are still experiencing a problem where Teams backup runs are encountering a large amount of throttling errors. This manifests itself as a "TooManyRequestsError"

Our Engineering team has identified the root cause that is initiating the throttling and are working through a solution right now. We are targeting to deploy an initial solution iteration in the next 24-48 hours. Once deployed, we will continue to monitor Teams backups and remediate any remaining situations.

Vi følger løbende op på situationen, og der kan forventes ny status her Torsdag den 20/04

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